The OptiX 2500+(Metro3000) STM-16 MADM/MSTP optical transmission system (hereafter briefed as OptiX 2500+) is a multi-service transmission platform (MSTP) equipment. It integrates SDH/ATM/Ethernet /DWDM technologies and enables flexible networking and service scheduling ability (MADM), which is characteristic of SDH equipments. Via layer 2 (L2) processing of data services, it accesses, processes, transmits and schedules ATM/Ethernet services. The single equipment can implement transmission and processing of voice, data and many other services.

No Item Code Item Type Item Name
1   Main Equipment  
  02111871 SS-RACK-2.0(T) T66 Assembled Cabinet (2000x600x600)
  02111872 SS-RACK-2.2(T) T66 Assembled Cabinet(2200x600x600)
  02111873 SS-RACK-2.6(T) T66 Assembled Cabinet(2600x600x600)
  02233702 SS-SUBRACK SS6K8SUBRACK-2500+ Sub-rack(VIII)
  03032241 SS-SCC Main Control Panel
  03035461 SS-XCS Cross Connection and Clock Processing Unit
  03035164 SS-S16(I-16 SC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(I-16,SC)
  03032703 SS-S16(S-16.2 SC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board((S-16.2,SC)
  03039534 SS-S16(S-16.1 SC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1, SC)
  03039530 SS-S16(L-16.1 SC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.1,SC)
  03035165 SS-S16(L-16.2 SC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.2, SC)
  03039531 SS-S16(Le-16.2 SC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(Le-16.2,SC)
  03039532 SS-S16(V-16.2 SC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(V-16,SC)
  03039533 SS-S16(U-16.2 SC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(U-16,SC)
  03031242 SS-S16(S-16.1 SC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,SC)
  03031844 SS-S16(L-16.1,SC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.1,SC)
  03031469 SS-S16(L-16.2,SC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.2,SC)
  03031470 SS-S16(V-16.2,SC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(V-16.2,SC)
  03031471 SS-S16(U-16.2,SC) STM-16 Optical Interface Board(U-16.2,SC)
  03037725 SS-SL4(Ie-4 SC) STM-4 Optical Interface Board(Ie-4,SC)
  03036944 SS-SL4(S-4.1 SC) STM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,SC)
  03037480 SS-SL4(L-4.1/SC) STM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,SC)
  03032092 SS-SL4(L-4.1 SC) STM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,SC)
  03031523 SS-SL4(L-4.2 SC) STM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.2,SC)
  03031524 SS-SL4(Ve-4.2 SC) STM-4 Optical Interface Board(Ve-4.2,SC)
  03037724 SS-SD4(Ie-4 SC) 2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board (Ie-4,SC)
  03034096 SS-SD4(S-4.1 SC) 2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(S-4.1,SC)
  03037604 SS-SD4(L-4.1 SC) 2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.1,SC)
  03037723 SS-SD4(L-4.2 SC) 2xSTM-4 Optical Interface Board(L-4.2,SC)
  03031317 SS-SQ1(S-1.1 SC) 4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,SC)
  03030GBM SS-SD1(S-1.1 SC) 2xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,SC)
  03031612 SS-SD1(S-1.1 SC) 2xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,SC)
  03031613 SS-SD1(L-1.1 SC) 2xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,SC)
  03031674 SS-SD1(L-1.2 SC) 2xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.2,SC)
  03030GBN SS-SL1(S-1.1 SC) 1xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,SC)
  03030GPL SS-SL1(L-1.1 SC) STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,SC)
  03032435 SS-SL1(S-1.1 SC) STM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,SC)
  03032436 SS-SL1(L-1.1 SC) STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.1,SC)
  03032437 SS-SL1(L-1.2 SC) STM-1 Optical Interface Board(L-1.2,SC)
  03033571 SS-PD1(75) 32xE1 Electrical Interface Branch Board(75ohm)
  03032350 SS-PQ1(75) 24mm Grey-75Ω-63Port 2M Electrical Interface Branch Board
  03023224 SS-E75S(75) 63xE1 Rotate Access Board(75ohm)
  03033572 SS-PD1(120) 32xE1 Electrical Interface Branch Board(120ohm)
  03032351 SS-PQ1(120) 24mm Grey-120Ω-63Port 2M Electrical Interface Branch Board
  03023267 SS-E12S(120) 63xE1/T1 Rotate Access Board(120ohm)
  03037939 SS-EFT Fast Ethernet Transparent Transmission Processing Unit
  03032783 SS-ET1 Ethernet Process Board
  03024086 SS-EMT8(RJ45) 8-port Ethernet Process Board(RJ45)
  03036787 SS-EFS0 Fast Ethernet Process Board with Lanswitch Function
  03036760 SS-EMS1 Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet Processing Unit with Lanswitch Function
  03037603 SS-EGT2 2port Gigabit Ethernet Transparent Transmission Processing Unit
  03027301 SS-EMF403(S LC) 4port Spedy Ethernet Optical Interface Board(SM(15Km),LC)
  03027303 SS-EMF404(M LC) 4port Spedy Ethernet Optical Interface Board(MM(2Km),LC)
  03027304 SS-EMF8C(LC) 8port Spedy Ethernet Optical Interface Board(MM,LC)
  03024553 SS-EMF801(Ie-1,MTRJ) Manufactured Board -OptiX 2500+-SS61EMF8-8port Ethernet Optical Interface Board(Ie-1,MTRJ)-
  03031825 SS-BA2-D(14 SC) Twin Channel Optical Power Magnify Board(14dBm,SC)
  03031826 SS-BPA(14/-37 SC) Optical Power and PreMagnify Board (14/-37dBm,SC)
  03031898 SS-BA2-S(14 SC) Simplex Channel Optical Power Magnify Board(14dBm,SC)
  03031899 SS-BA2-S(17 SC) Simplex Channel Optical Power Magnify Board(17dBm,SC)
  03031900 SS-BA2-D(17 SC) Twin Channel Optical Power Magnify Board(17dBm,SC)
  03031901 SS-BA2-D(14/17 SC) Twin Channel Optical Power Magnify Board(14/17dBm,SC)
  03031902 SS-BPA(17/-37 SC) Optical Power and PreMagnify Board (17/-37dBm,SC)
  03038440 SS-COA(R) Cassette Raman Amplifier
  03032383 SS-TDA Cassette Voice Data Interface Board
  03032172 SS-COA(14 SC) Cassette Simplex AV Board(14dBm,SC)
  03032173 SS-COA(17 SC) Cassette Simplex AV Board(17dBm,SC)
  03032174 SS-COA(-37 SC) Cassette Simplex Pre-AV Board(-37dBm,SC)
2   Mounting Accessories  
  04041308 SS-DL-4E1-75-10 Trunk Cable(Coaxial Cable)-10m-75ohm-4E1-2.2mm-(FB4X6)-(SYFVZ-75-1.2/0.25*8)
  04041309 SS-DL-4E1-75-20 Trunk Cable(Coaxial Cable)-20m-75ohm-4E1-2.2mm-(FB4X6)-(SYFVZ-75-1.2/0.25*8)
  04041310 SS-DL-4E1-75-30 Trunk Cable(Coaxial Cable)-30m-75ohm-4E1-2.2mm-(FB4X6)-(SYFVZ-75-1.2/0.25*8)
  04041311 SS-DL-4E1-75-40 Trunk Cable(Coaxial Cable)-40m-75ohm-4E1-2.2mm-(FB4X6)-(SYFVZ-75-1.2/0.25*8)
  04041312 SS-DL-4E1-75-50 Trunk Cable(Coaxial Cable)-50m-75ohm-4E1-2.2mm-(FB4X6)-(SYFVZ-75-1.2/0.25*8)
  14130099 SS-OP-FC-SC-S-2 Fiber Patchcord-FC/PC-SC/PC-SM-3mm-2m
  14130266 SS-OP-FC-SC-S-3 Fiber Patchcord-SC/PC-FC/PC-SM-3mm-3m
  14130187 SS-OP-FC-SC-S-5 Fiber Patchcord-SC/PC-FC/PC-SM-3mm-5m
  14130230 SS-OP-FC-SC-S-10 Fiber Patchcord-FC/PC-SC/PC-SM-3mm-10m
  14130110 SS-OP-FC-SC-S-15 Fiber Patchcord-FC/PC-SC/PC-SM-3mm-15m
  14130111 SS-OP-FC-SC-S-20 Fiber Patchcord-FC/PC-SC/PC-SM-3mm-20m
  14130112 SS-OP-FC-SC-S-25 Fiber Patchcord-FC/PC-SC/PC-SM-3mm-25m
  14130113 SS-OP-FC-SC-S-30 Fiber Patchcord-FC/PC-SC/PC-SM-3mm-30m
  14130114 SS-OP-FC-SC-S-35 Fiber Patchcord-FC/PC-SC/PC-SM-3mm-35m
  14130115 SS-OP-FC-SC-S-45 Fiber Patchcord-FC/PC-SC/PC-SM-3mm-45m
  14130116 SS-OP-FC-SC-S-50 Fiber Patchcord-FC/PC-SC/PC-SM-3mm-50m
  04044335 SS-DL-SMB-75-10 Trunk Cable(Coaxial Cable)-155M/Clock/lightning protection-10m-75ohm-3.9mm-(SMB75line female connector-IV)-(SYV75-2/0.34(S)
  04044013   Single Trunk Cable(Coaxial Cable)-Q34S Single Board Interconnection Trunk Cable-0.3m-(D50 Male-Ⅱ)-(3*SYFVZ75-1.2/0.25*8)-(D50 Male-Ⅱ)-OptiX 2500+
  31131049 SS-DOC Package of Documentation-OptiX 2500+(Metro3000) STM-16 MADM/MSTP Optical Transmission System
  88030282 iManager T2000 iManager T2000-Software Charge for each added 2.5G Network Unit
  GCFW2500   OptiX2500+(Metro3000) Service Charge of the Project