PED-FHP2 Optical Power Meter Series

The FHP series of Power Meter are the advanced version   of LPM series. It is more functional and intelligent. Under the situation of laboratory, LANs, WANs and CATV as well as longdistance optical network, the Optical Power Meters, together with Grandway's Stabilized Laser Sources, can be used to identify optical fiber, measure optical attenuation, verify continuity and evaluate fiber link transmission quality.

PED-OFI3 Optical Fiber Indentifier

The OFI-3 Optical Fiber Identifier is a low cost, portable instrument designed to detect optical signals without disrupting traffic. Based on non-destructive macrobending technology, the OFI-3 doesn’t disrupt traffic, damage or overstress the fiber, enabling efficient, accurate and reliable data acquisition. During maintenance, installations, rerouting or restorations, it’s often necessary to isolate a specific fiber. By simply clamping the OFI-3 onto a fiber, the OFI will indicate if there is a signal, a Modulated Signal, or traffic and show signal direction. 

PED-FHS2 Optical Laser Source Series
The FHS2D02 units can transmit with a wavelength-identification digital encrypted protocol,enabling the FHP2 Power Meter to automatically use the proper calibration parameters. This feature reduces the need for communication between the two technicians and decreases the potential for error. 
The FHS series offer excellent stability and portability for accurate fiber optic testing. Single output port provides stable laser power at dual wavelengths. The compact unit operates in either continuous wave (CW) mode or modulated mode. The output power is adjustable through up & down keystroke. A low battery indicator reminds the user of recharging the battery

PED-FHA Digital Variable Optical Atteuator

The FHA digital variable optical attenuator is a compact, portable instrument widely used in fiber link certification and routine maintenance.

PED-FHV1 Visual Fault Locator Series

 FHV1 series visual fault locator is visible red laser source for finding breaks and tight bends in optical fibers.It features a rugged, palm design with interchangeable FC,SC,ST connectors. It is power supplied by 3.6V Li-on battery. The Grandway FHV1 visual fault locator can easily locates the breaks in LANs, verify continuity, check the validity of patch cables and look for cracked fiber in splice cases,bad connectors or tight bends in fiber cable. It is a perfect complementary tool for OTDR because of its capability of finding breaks in the dead zone of OTDR.

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