Some of Our Company   Customers : 

1- Telecommincation Company of Ardabil Province.

2- Telecommincation Company of Gilan Province.

3- Telecommincation Company of Mazandaran Province.

4- Telecommincation Company of Golestan  Province.

5- Telecommincation Company of Khorasan Razavei Province.

6- Telecommincation Company of Kerman  Province.

7- Telecommincation Company of Sistan and Balochestan  Province.

8- Telecommincation Company of Hormozgan Province.

9- Telecommincation Company of Paras Province.

10- Telecommincation Company of Esfahan  Province

11- Telecommincation Company of Yasoj Province

12- Telecommincation Company of chaharmahal  Bakhtiary  Province.

13- Telecommincation Company of Khozestan  Province.

14- Telecommincation Company of Lorestan  Province.

15- Telecommincation Company of Kordestan  Province.

16-Telecommincation Company of Kermanshah Province

17- Telecommincation Company of Markazy  Province.

18-Telecommincation Company of North Khorasan  Province.

19-Telecommincation Company of Qazvin  Province.

20-Telecommincation Company of Tehran  Province.

21-Telecommincation Company of Yazd  Province.

22-Telecommincation Company of East Azarbijan   Province.

23-Telecommincation Company of Semanan   Province.

24-Telecommincation Company of west Azrbijan   Province.

25-Telecommincation Company of Qome   Province.

26-Iran Mobile Company (MCI).

27-Telecommincation Infrastruture Company (TIC).

28-Iran Oill and Gas Companies.

29- Many of Iranin Banks .

30-Many of Iranin Industrial Companies.

31-Iran Military Organizations.

32-Iran Air Ports.

33-Iran Power Ministry.

34-Iran Rail way Company.

35-Iran Universites.

36-Many of Iran ISP s.

37- Iran South Rail Way Company.

Our OverSea Partners and Sources:

1-AD-NET  From Taiwan.

2-OrionTelecom From USA.

3-EXFO  From USA.

4-Bird Technology From USA.

5-Grandway From China.

6-Exartech From Taiwan.

7-HG From China.

8-Maxdao Technologies From China.

9-Techwin From China.

10-NEC From Japan.

11-Huawei From China.

12-PDS From UK.

13-Nera From Norway.

14-Tandberg From USA.

15-RadioDetection From UK.

16-Yokogawa From Japan.

17-Tailyn From Taiwan.

18-XGXC From China.

19-Sirus Micro Systems From HongKong.

20-Maxcomm From Taiwan.

21-Siemens From Germany.

22-Fujitsu From Japan.

23-Agilent From USA.

24-CTCU  From Taiwan.

25-Hotware From Taiwan.

26-RCS From Ukrain.

27-Anritsu From USA.

28-ZTE From China.

29-Zyxel From China .

30-Raycom From China.

we have Many OverSea Partners.You Can See List of Some of Them Here.Also we Have a Long List From Our OEM Suplliers that They Support us in Produce High Telecom Devices.

Iran Important and Big Telecom Companies are Our Customers.Produce and Provide High Tech Telecom Devices and Excellent  After Service Support are Our Best Advantages in Iran Market and That s whay The Big Telecom Companies Trust us in Their Important Projects.

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