In many Switch Applications Customers Need to Analyze Protocols and in Many  Cases They Need Protocol Simulatores For Testing Switch Cetners Operation.. Now Many Protocols Used in Telecom  Networks.So Telecom Compnies Need to Sophisticated Analyzers and Simulatores For This Target.Our Partners in This Field is PDS Company From united kingdom .Main Customers of This Company is Famous Companies Like NEC,Huawei,Fujitsu,.... we Distributed This Company Protocol Simulator to Some of Irranin Telecom Companies.This Tester Have Excellent Featurs and Simple Operation.By This System you Can Ensured to exact trace of sophisticated Problems in Your Network.Pls Visit PDS Company Link For More Information and Find Your Compatible Simulator.
UK-Packet Data Systems Ltd.

System Overview
The Convergence Challenge As we move along the path of convergence we need to ensure that trusted technologies such as SS#7, Q-SIG and ISDN integrate with LAN technologies. In order to provide the high standard of service demanded between network nodes on the LAN and WAN, test solutions need to measure in an accurate, methodical, reliable and repeatable way . Our modular test & development systems provide an affordable solution, tried and tested by thousands of customers worldwide.

System Format
Customers may choose either of the following software packages to suit their application. Both packages are fully compatible with Clarinet E1/T1 and S/T-U interface pods. The core software analysis/simulation features detailed in this brochure are common across both software packages.

Zumara Software: with direct support for 10/100 & Gigabit Ethernet PC NIC/LAN Adapters for VoIP & VoIP/WAN interoperability applications.
Run-Time Software: traditional Clarinet system software for E1/T1 and S/T-U applications without support for PC NIC/LAN Adapters. Suitable for those customers who do not require Ethernet test capabilities now or in the future.
Zumara & Run-Time software packages operate under Windows 2000, XP or Vista and pre-written profiles are supplied, tested and operational, to meet most applications. Any user may simply edit a profile to generate the type of call or calls required, the content, duration and number of times that the call is repeated. With SS#7, ISDN Q-SIG, SIP, H.323 (including ASN1), all message contents may be edited to create the exact format required.

Clarinet Hardware
Model 2001: E1/T1 interface pod
Model 2002: S/T-U interface pod
Both Zumara & Run-Time software packages are fully compatible with Clarinet E1/T1 & S/T-U USB controlled hardware interface pods. Any combination of up to seven E1/T1, S/T-U or LAN interfaces may be connected & controlled simultaneously.

Ensure Terminal or Network Compliance
To test protocol compliance a very wide range of conformance test software in TTCN format is available as an option. Please refer to pages 10 - 14 for a full list of test suites covering SIP, H.225, SS7, Q-SIG, V5.1, V5.2 and ISDN.........More Information