PED-XG2128 E1 BER Tester

Low-cost, pocket-size and suitable for carrying around and field measurements, XG2128 offers quick and efficient solutions for basic E1 line testing. This practical test capability, combined with the intuitive operation, E1 frame format and BERT pattern auto-detection /autoconfiguration, simplifies installation and maintenance testing for faster problem solution. If you want a robust handheld unit more than routine measurements, XG2128 is the perfect choice.
PED-XG2121 E1 Service Tester

Compact and practical, XG2121 is a portable digital transmission system test set designed for the purpose of R&D, production detection of various E1 circuits and PCM equipment test. It is highly integrated and provides BER test, frame analysis, timeslot analysis, signaling test, signal analysis, alarm analysis and etc. It’s a powerful solution for satisfying the needs of telecom test engineers.

PED-XG2138 E1/Datacom BER Tester

Economical and lightweight, XG2138 combines testing capabilities of E1, Datacom and IP PING in one tester. It is used for the performance evaluation of Digital Transmission Network, Digital Data Network (DDN) and some private communication networks, and is intended to meet the demands of equipment installation, engineering verification, daily maintenance, and Ethernet connection.

PED-XG2330 E1/Datacom Transmission Analyzer

Multi-functional selection and smart navigation mode operation, XG2330 combines the power of E1 transmission set with Data analyzer into one handheld set. With this unique combination and the color touchscreen operation, the instrument can be used to perform measurements for transmission networks which cover 50b/s ~ 2048Kb/s bandwidth, and supports more than 10 types of various telecom and datacom interfaces. It is the ideal tool for installing service and locating problems in digital networks.

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