PED-E1-MUXlite provides conversion between ITU-T G.703 standard E1 framed interface and up to 30 FXS/FXO standard POTS analogue telephone lines. PED-E1-MUXlite is the fundamental equipment for the digital communication system and it has another name, i.e. PCM basic group equipment. The equipment is used to converge the signals such as voice, data and image into a standard 2M interface via various interface boards,and realize point-to-point transmission. V35, 2/4 E&M, RS-232, and Ethernet ports as options along with voice over same E1.

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This compact desktop PCM multiplexer is a fundamental device for the digital communication system, which is also named PCM basic group device. The device is used to multiplex the signals such as voice, data and image into a standard E1 link via various interface cards, realizing point-to-point transmission.

Orion Telecom Networks, Inc. PCM Systems/USA

Orion's E1 Multiplexer the VCL-MX, 2Mbps E1 voice and data, drop-insert (add-drop) multiplexer provides full range of voice (POTS) and digital data services to subscribers located at different locations, requiring to interconnect and establish a voice and data network over an E1 link. The VCL-MX is available in 4 versions, each providing different features and voice / data interfaces.Many of VCL E1 Multiplexers Now Used in Iran Telecom and Non Telecom Companies (Like Oill and Gas Companies).Many Times we Have This System in Stock.Pls Contact Us For Your Requirments and Projects.


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