Iranin telecom Companies Bought Many of 9600-LSY Microwave Radio From Alcatel Company in Years Ago.This System Have A Controler Unit Called SYSCO.This Unit Control System and Also Control House Keeping Alarms (DI) and Out Commands (DO).By Reason of transient Signals and Voltages many of Sysco units Fialed.But Telecom Companies Used Our SYSCO Protector saw They SYSCO Units Safe in against Any transient Signals Even lightning.Pls Protect you Remain Systems against Transient Voltages and Signals By Our Sysco Protector.This is a Best economic Way.This Protector Used in USA and Our Engineers Apply Some Changes on That For Suitable Operation.

1- The SYSCO PROTECROR UNIT guards all pins on the Housekeeping and Additional Housekeeping interface against data loss and damage due to transient surges. The SYSCO PROTECTOR employs a solid state circuit using Silicon Avalanche Diodes, and has a combined surge handling capacity of up to 36,000 Watts (1.5kW per wire).  Connecting directly between the M-185  and M1 (Additional Housekeeping)  port of your hardware (9600LSY) and the Housekeeping cable, the SYSCO PROTECTOR diverts surge energy to chassis ground through the metal D-shell. For complete protection of your line, we recommend that one surge protector be used at each end of the line.


Warning: These products will not provide complete protection

Should your equipment be subject to a direct lightning hit?


The method of surge protection used in the SYSCO PROTECTOR adds four benefits to your system.

1. High Surge Capability. The SYSCO PROTECTOR handles up to 36k Watts (1500 Watts per wire) of surge energy.




2. Quick Response.  The   SYSCO PROTECTOR    feature a Response  time of 500 nsec ,  with transient surges being clamped at 27 Volts.



3. Low Impedance. Connect the SYSCO PROTECTOR directly to M-185 OR M1 ports with minimal load to your system — about the same as a gender changer.



4. “Fail Safe” Design. Unlike some other surge suppressors, the SYSCO PROTECTOR fails short to ground should your system experience an excessive surge.




SYSCO PROTECTOR is simple to install, and requires no user configuration. Follow these installation steps.



1. Unplug (disconnect) the existing connection between the Housekeeping cable and your M-185 OR             M1    port.





2. Install the SYSCO PROTECTOR between the Housekeeping cable and the M-185 OR M1 port. If the D-shell is not connected to chassis ground, use the grounding wire (included) to make an alternate frame ground connection. Proper grounding is essential to the operation of the Model SYSCO PROTECTOR.



Figure 1 .  How to Connect SYSCO PROTECTOR to Your Hardware


Lines Protected: Protects 24 lines on the M-185 and M1 interface.


Power Handling: Peak combined power handling up to 36kW; 1.5kW per wire; 10 x 1000µSec in Compliance to IEC 801-5, Level 3, 2 kV


Clamp Voltage:  27 Volts


Grounding: Surge energy diverted to chassis ground through metal D-shell.  Alternate  ground  connection for SYSCO PROTECTOR provided by external grounding wire.   


Capacitance: less than 500Pf


Cable Length Burden: less than 9.1’ (2.8m)