ENMS For SMA-1/4 and SMA-1/4C Multiplexers.

Which way you used For Monitoring and Operate with SMA-1/4 or SMA-1/4C Siemens Multiplexers.are you use Still LCT or NCT For Connecting to This Systems?.You Know many of System Ablilties can not used in LCT or NCT Software Like Backuping,Upload Software,...Up to Now Our Company Established Or Upgarded ENMS Network of 11 Province in Iran.

Our Established ENMS Also Have Many Different with OLD ENMS Network and we Used Some Unique Methodes and Hardware and Softwares on That.

1- We Upgrade System Server From P3 To P4.we Install Win-NT4 On P4 and Install ENMS Software on NT4.Because Siemens Suggested Win For ENMS Software is NT4.

2-We Replaced Old MAus By BNC Interface  with New MAUs By 10-Base-TX Or 10-Base-Fx Interface.

3-we Upgared ENMS Network From Layer-1 (HUB) To Layer-2 or Layer-3.This Upgrade Increase Network Data Exchange and Remove Collision From That.

4-we Used our Converters For Solve Problem of Some Paths that Not Have any Connection with Other Segmens of ENMS Network.

5-Also we can Upgarde your UCU-C Unis From B3-Chip to B5-Chip.

Pls Contact us For Establishing of Your Siemens Systems Supervisory Network Or Upgrade that.