PED-XG2048 ADSL2+ Tester

Elegant appearance and large bright graphical display, XG2048 is simple to determine if the problem is in the local loop, the DSLAM, the ATM switches, the B-RAS, or various ISP servers. Whether for installation, maintenance and/or troubleshooting of ADSL installers, it accurately verifies that the local loop can carry the promised service.

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PED-XG2041 ADSL2+ Tester

Original design and simple operation, XG2041 is a smart in size tool, compatible with various existing ADSL standards and can be used conveniently by a front-line ADSL technician to verify the provisioning of the ADSL service, troubleshoot line faults, and evaluate the Quality of Service quickly. Operator can be convenient to take with this tester and complete test functions by pressing only one key after writing the configuration and setting test thresholds at one time. The tester can judge whether the measuring results conform to the requirements according to the embedded thresholds and display the measuring results visually through LED and LCD, which greatly simplifies the test process and improves the working efficiency.