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Persian Ertebat is one of Leading Companies in Manufacture and Support of PCM Systems in Iran Market For More Than 10 Years.We have a Long Expirence in Working with This TDM Base Systems.This Systems Generally Accept About 30 Pcs Voice Ports and Transport This Voice Ports From E1 Path.By using Time Slot 16 in Some Models For Transporting Voice Port Then The System Can Transport 31 Voice Ports From E1 Path.One of Our New and Exccelent Products in This Field is 4E1-Muxlite Model with Follow Specs:


2-Manufacture:Persian Ertebat

3-Interfaces:2W/4W/E&M/RS485/FE/RS232 (Max 30 Ports)

4-Uplink Port: 4*E1/BNC

5-CrossConnection Table: System Supports Digital Crossconnection Table to Specify Time Slots Path on Multipule E1 Ports.Also User Can Specify Protection Path.

6-FE Ports:System FE Ports are Phsically Isolated And Bandwidth of Them is N*64KB.System has 4 Separated and Transparent FE Ports.

7-PWR:DC-48  or DC-48


9-Modular Platform:1*FX Cards+Mainboard+Uplink Board+FE Card+4W Card+RS485 Card+RS232 Card+PWR Cards.

10-Application:Point to Point/Point to Multi Point

11-Warranty:3 Years

12-Price:Contact us