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Persain Ertebat For More Than 10 Years one of Leading Companies in Manufacture of PDH Lineterminals In Iran.Thousends of Our Lineterminals Now under Service in Iran Telecom and Non-Tlecom Notworks.we have Expert Support Team in This Systems.our Systems Specs Step by Step Grow Customers Abilites in Projects.Our PDH Systems Support Wide Rang of Capacity From 155MB to 5GB.They Provide Multipule Interfaces Like E1/GE/GX/FE/FX Ports For of our new and Exccelent Products is our GE-ADM With Follow Specs:


2-Manufacture:Persian Ertebat

3-Capacity:2.5GB(1.25GB+1.25GB By LAG)



6-GE/GX Ports:Transparent isolation/Q-in-Q



9-Optical Ports:SFP/1+1/1.25GB

10-Modular Platform :PWR units+E1 Boards+Optical Ports+Mainboard

11-Warranty:3 Years

12-Service Support:10 Years

12-Price:Contact us

13-System Support 8E1 Model:No