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By Growing IP Networks Now we Need FE/FX and GE/GX Analyzers to Ensure From Preoperly Performance of This Ports and Quicly Locate Fault in Installation and Maintenance Process.Now There is many FE/FX and GE/GX Ports on Telecom Devices.and many of Manufactures send Devices to Market with Low Quality Chipsets and Components and without any test.So Telecom Companies Need Exact Testres to Ensure Quality of Data Ports.Persian Ertebat For More than 10 Years Provides Telecom Transmission Systems to Iranin Telecom Companies.For About 4 Years we use FE/FX/GE/GX Analyzers in Our Lab to Exact Test of Our Products Before Deliver to Customers in Our QC Dept.we Recomend Our Customers to use This Analyzers bcs They Can Help Customers to Ensure Properly working of Data Ports in Installation Process or Quicly Fault Locate in Maintenance This Field we work with China XGXC Powerfull Company.The Excellent Product we use that is XG-5251 Analyzer with Follow Specs:


2-Manufacture:XGXC Company/China

3-Support single electrical port (RJ45) and single optical port (SFP) with rate at 10/100/1000Mbps

4-Full RFC2544 benchmark test: throughput, frame loss rate, latency, back-to-back

5-Support Y.1564 test, including Service Configuration test and Service Performance test

6-Layer1, layer2, layer3 BER test, error injection and results statistics

7-8 and 128 multi-streams traffic generator

8-Supports monitoring & Statistics under Tx Mode

9-Connectivity test: PING, TRACE ROUTE, ARP SCAN, etc

10-Jitter test

11-Support VLAN, Q-in-Q test function

12-Traffic filtration statistic at the receiver end

13-Provides test tools like blink port, sniff frame, smart loopback, etc

14-Optical power test, and optical module temperature, working current, voltage test, etc

15-Cable VCT: capable of identifying short circuit, open circuit, cable length fault location, etc

16-Support USB flash drive to exchange the data with the tester

17-Test results can be uploaded, filed, conserved and printed by TestManagerPro software via USB cable or Network Cable connected to PC

18-128 stations full line rate 10/100/1000Mbps traffic generation (Optional)

19-Y.1564 test (Optional)

20-Manufactre web Site : (See More Products From This Manufacture)

21-Price : Contact us