Huawei PTN Systems .

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in PTN Products our Company Supports Huawei PTN Products.From Huawei PTN Products we have PTN910 in Our Stock Always and we can Deliver it to Our Customers ASAP.For Order Huawei Other PTN Systems Like PTN960 or PTN980 or Other Your Demands Pls Contact us.The Specs of PTN 910 are As Follow:



3-Switching Capacity:6.5GB

4-Control Card:CXPG with 16E1+4*FE+2*GX Interfaces.


6-Ttafic Slots:System has 2 Empty Slots For Next Extention After Equipting Control Board Slo.

7-NMS Software:U2000

8-System pack includes 10Meter 16E1 Cable.

9-SFP:All SFPs By Default are 1310nm/20km and Customer Can Order Other Types By Pay Additional Cos.

10-Price : Contact us