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Persian Ertebat For More Than 2 Years Support Iranin Telecom Companies on Fiberhome SDH Products.We Provide wide Rang of Fiberhome SDH Systems From Low Cpacity To High Capacity.All of Fiberhome SDH Systems are Covered by Our Company Like IBAS110A/B , 180A , 550F , 550B , 780A/B ,... .But From Fiberhome SDH Systems one Models is Very Poupllar in Iran.This  Products is IBAS110A  and we have This  Item And Related Spare Parts Always in Our Store.Specs of  IBAS110A are as Follow:



3-Capacity:STM-1/4 (Based on Select of Control Card)

4-Interfaces:E1/FE/GX/STM-1(O-E). 32*E1+8*FE on Control Card and Other Items on Extention Card.

5-PWR:AC or DC-48


7-Slots:System has 3 trafic Slts.Fist Slot is For Control Card and Other 2 Remain Slots are For Extention Cards that They are Equipted By Customer Specs.

8-System Pack includes E1 Cables For E1 Ports.

9-SFPs of Optical Ports by Default are 20km/1310nm And Can be Change By Customer Specs and With Related Additional Cost.

10-Price :Contact us