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For More Than 10 Years Our Company Produce and Distribute DLC Systems in Iran Market.DLC Systems Transport  Voice and Date Ports Through Optical Path By TDM Multipelexing .Our DLC Systems Support Wide Rang of Voice Ports (From 30 to 360 ch) and Mutipule Data Ports (E1/FE/GE) .Systems have Very Simple and User Freind Operation and Plug and Play and So it is Very Suitable For Telecom and Non-Telecom Customers.One our Popullar  Systems is DLC-256 With Follow Excellent Specs:


2-Manufacture:Persian Ertebat

3-Interfaces:FX Ports (Max 256)/E1 Ports(Max 16)/GE Ports(4)

4-FX Ports: 2Wire

5-GE Ports:Transparent /Q-in-Q


7-Optical Port:WDM or Dual

8-PWR:AC+DC (FXS Side Can Word with Just DC-48)

9-Modular Format:System Chassis Includes 16 Service Slots For FX or E1 Cards.Customer Can install in Each Slot one 16*FX Card or 1*E1 Card.System Has Another Slot For Fiber Card.This Fiber Card Includes 4*GE Ports and System Main Fiber Ports.System has 2 Fiber Ports (SFP/1.25GB) In 1+1 Protecting Mode.

10-Management : NMS/SNMP

11-Application:Point to Point

11-Price :Contact us