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Based on Our Long Expirence in Support Important SDH Brands Our Company Produces Our Special  SDH Systems For More Than 5 Years.This Systems are Simple in Configuration and have Powerfull and Flexible SNMP Software.Our Systems have 2 Models.155SA and 155SB .Systems have High Quality and we Provide 3 Year Warranty For Them.Specs of 155SB Are as Follow:


2-Manufacture:Persian Ertebat


4-Interfaces:16*E1+4*FE (4*VCG)

5-PWR:AC+ DC-48


7-Slots:System has 3 Trafic Slots.Slot1 and Slot For 8E1 Cards and Slot 3 For 4FE or 2*FX Cards.

8-System Pack includes E1 CC4 Connectores.

9-SFPs of Optical Ports by Default are 20km/1310nm And Can be Change By Customer Specs and With Related Additional Cost.

10-Price :Contact us

Click Here For Specs of PED-155SA