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Today By Growing Data Networks  in Many Cases we Have Wide Ethernet Networks.In This Case when Customers want to Establish A TDM Connection Then They Must Establish Separated TDM Base Network by Heavy Cost.Persian Ertebat TDM Over IP Converters Can Transport Customers E1 Ports Through Ethernet Networkd without Any Error (ES/SES/EC).This Converters are used in Some Applications Like Transporting E1 Througth IP Wireless Radio Systems.Our Systems are Very Stable with High Quality and Wide Range From 1*E1 to 16E1.The Detail Specs are as Follow:


2-Manufacture:Persian Ertebat

3-Bandwidth:1/2/4/8/16*2.3MB/s( System Needs 2.3MB Free Bandwidth For Transporting 1*E1)

4-Number of FE Ports:2*FE (1+1 Protection) -in 8 and 16 E1 Systems There 2*FE Ports For Customer Downlink Data Also.

5-Number of E1 Ports:1/2/4/8/16*E1(75 or 120ohm)

6-FE Ports:Protocol:Layer2/Layer3

7-E1 Port Format: Transparent For E1 Format and Signaling

8-PWR:AC or DC-48 in 1/2/4*E1 Systems - AC+DC in 8/16*E1 Systems.


10-Size:1/2/4*E1 are Desktop - 8/16*E1 Systems are 19".

11-Application:Point to Point/Point to Multi Point.

12-Price:Contact us