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For More Than 12 Years Persian Ertebat Distributes Telecom Testers in Iran For Iranin Telecom Companies.One of Most Popullar Testers is E1 Testers.Unlike old E1 Testers New Series of E1 Testers Have Very Small Size and do not Need to Permanent AC PWR.They Can Work with Internal Battery For a Long Time and Also They Can Keep Resualts of Testes in Their EPROM Memories.This Type Testers are Very Suitable For Field work Testes and They Can Provide Excellent and Quick Solutions For  Telecom Maintenance and Installaions People to Quick Specify Fault Part.This Devices have Low Cost and High Performance.In This Products Field  our Company For a Long Time Work with China XGXC Company.XGXC is one of China Powerfull Companies in Difference Types of Tlecom Testers .Testers of This Company have wide Range with Different Specs.Now Huawei uses XGXC Testers in Their Labes and In Their Projects in Many Countries.XGXC Most Famous E1 Tester is 2128 Model.Houndreds of This Model Now use By Iran Telecom Companies.The Specs of This Tester are as Follow:


2-Manufacture:XGXC Company/China

3-120 and 75 line interfaces

4-HDB3 and AMI line codes

5-Out-of-service framed and unframed testing

6-2Mb/s, NĂ—64Kb/s BER testing

7-Level, Frequency, Frequency offset measurements

8-Clock slip measurement

9-Testing pattern: PRBS, Fixed Code, 16-BIT User Word

10-Error injection: Single and Fixed Rate

11-Manual and auto-timer measurement

12-Up to 99 days continuous test performance

13-G.821, G.826, and M.2100 performance analysis

14-Auto configure function

15-Manufacture web Site: (see More Products From This Supplier)

16-Price:Contact us