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By Growing Broband Services Like ADSL/ADSL2+/VDSL/PON Now Telecom Companies Need Exact Testers to Ensure Properly Perfomance of Their Services to Customers.This Testers Provide Quick Procedures to Fault Locate and Save Time and Resources in Installation and Maintenance Process.In This Field Persian Ertebat works with Dadi Telecom that it is China Powerfull Data Insruments Test Manufacture .one of Excellent Devices is MST-3530G With Follow Specs:

1-Model: MST-3050

2-Manufacture: Dadi Telecom/China

3-xDSL physical layer testing

4-Full support all ADSL standards, including ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, ITU-T G.992.1 G.dmt, G.992.2 G.lite, G.992.3 ADSL2, RE-ADSL2 and G.992.5 ADSL2+

5-Test upstream, downstream, maximum speed and channel utilization

6-Test upstream and downstream noise margin, and output power and power attenuation

7-Error statistics of near end and far end FEC, CRC, HEC, NCD, and OCD

8-Automatically detect and display LOS, LOF, LOC and LOM with the comparison between history and present data

9-Error seconds statistics

10-Display every sub-channel of Bits per Tone by the mean of graphic and number

11-Display every sub-channel of SNR per Tone by the mean of graphic and number

12-xDSL network layer testing

13-Support various upper layer protocols, including RFC2684, RFC1483, RFC2516 PPPoE, RFC2364 PPPoA

14-PPPoE/PPPoA dial-up obtain IP address and Ping testing

15-Fixed IP Mode Ping testing

16-Ping testing that includes Ping loss testing with times and package size, Ping loopback latency testing with MAX, MIN and average

17-Traceroute testing

18-ADSL2+ modem replacement xDSL application layer testing

19-Web browsing

20-Web rate testing

21-FTP rate testing

22-Cable testing

23-Digital Multi Meter, DMM is used to test loop resistance, insulation resistance, capacitance, AC/DC voltage and line length estimation

24-Tone generation

25-GPON testing

26-Optical power testing

27-Test OLT transmit light power

28-Adjust threshold conveniently for throughput/ failure analysis

29-Provide ten pre-defined adjustable thresholds at most GPON simulation testing

30-Simulate GPON ONU, realize registration and network connection

31-Network layer testing: Ping, Ipconfig, Route and traceroute

32-Application layer testing: web browsing, web and FTP rate testing WLAN testing Signal strength testing

33-Display signal strength and SNR by the mean of graphic and number

34Evaluate RF covering area via signal strength testing Wireless network card simulation testing

35-Simulate wireless network card for network connection, support 802.11b and 802.11g

36-Network layer testing: Ping, Ipconfig, Route and traceroute

37-Application layer testing: web browsing, web and ftp rate testing

38-Ethernet testing

39-Basic LAN testing

40-Search key equipment on network such as router, SQL server, printer, and list IP address

41-Capture the host infomation of destination equipment, including host name and MAC address

42-Capture system name, system ID, system service, ports numbers, system description, route table and port information of destination IP equipment through SNMP

43-PPPoE dial-up and DHCP client testing

44-Network layer testing: Ping, Ipconfig, Route and traceroute

45-Application layer testing: web browsing, web and ftp rate testing Cable testing

46-Wiremap and cable length testing

47-Tone generation

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