Persian Ertebat Ethernet Over E1 Converters.

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Ethernet Over E1 TDM Networks Converters  are used Widely in World Telecom Networks.In Iran Thosendes Links of Persian Ertebat Converters are used in Telecom and Non-Telecom Networkes.we have Professional Technical Team For This Products.Our Products have wide Range and Compatible with Customers Projects and we update Them Always by Lastest Updates in Hardwares and Softwares.FE1-ETH is one of our Most Popular Devices.This Device Has Very Simple Operation and it is Plug & play Device with Stable Hardware And Components With Follow Specs:


2-Manufacture:Persian Ertebat


4-Number of FE Ports:1*FE

5-Number of E1 Ports:1*E1(75 or 120ohm)

6-FE Ports:Protocol:Bridge (Transparent)

7-E1 Port Encapsulation:HDLC

8-PWR:AC or DC-48

9-NMS: No NMS and Plug&Play


11-Application:Point to Point

12-Price:Contact us