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Persian Ertebat Has Begun Producing PTN Systems by Support of Powerfull Partners From China in Iran.We Have Wide Range of Systems in our List Compatible With Our Customers Projects Specs.Our Most popullar Device is PTN 14G .we Have This System Always in Our Stock.The Specs of  This System are as Follow:




3-Switching Capacity:14GB

4-Control Card:CXPG with 10*GX+2*GE+2*STM-1 Interfaces.


6-Ttafic Slots:System has one Trafic Slot and it is Equipted By Control Card and Control Card Includes all of Above Interfaces.

7-NMS Software:SNMP/GUI

8-System pack includes DC-48 Cable.

9-SFP:All SFPs By Default are 1310nm/20km and Customer Can Order Other Types By Pay Additional Cos.

10-Price : Contact us